Your Security is Our Priority

Please be aware!

Recently there has been an increase in financial fraud activity when fraudsters aim to find their potential victims via phone, email or by advertising their services on the Internet. The following is an example of a typical fraud scheme: after establishing a contact via social media, phone or e-mail, fraudsters gain access to personal data, including postal address. Later a person (potential victim of the fraud) is informed that he/she has received a letter containing a credit card “Priority card” with a considerable credit limit, which may be collected at the post office. There is indeed a registered letter at the post for the potential victim to collect, however, in order to do so one has to make a payment to the sender After sending the payment, the victim of the fraud receives the letter only to find out that there is no credit card inside and no possibility to reclaim the money.
It has come to our attention that SIA Transact Pro brand “Priority card” has been used in this fraudulent activity. Therefore, we would like to reconfirm to our customers that Transact Pro only delivers a card after it has been prepaid, a customer has completed an application form and has successfully undergone the identity verification process.
In view of the fraudulent attempts to imitate our corporate e-mails and brand details, we advise you to be cautious and not to engage in any suspicious communication, if you have not applied for a specific product through Transact Pro web page or e-mail. Should you believe that you have detected a fraud attempt, please inform the law enforcement authorities.
Please contact us if you have any additional questions on +371 6722 6717 or via e-mail