• Shop all over the world

    Use your Priority Card for online or offline shopping everywhere were Master Cards are accepted. It’s easy, fast and secure.

  • No need to open an additional bank account

    To pay with Priority Card there is no need to open any additional bank accounts or to use your existing bank account. With the card you will receive access to the Transact Online electronic system, where you can easily manage your payments, view your card balance, also through mobile application.

  • No credit history verification needed

    To open a Priority Card there is no need to provide your credit history. This makes the process of receiving your card easier and faster.

  • Online and Cash Deposit

    You can reload the card:

    • via bank transfer;
    • by cash from any bank’s affiliate;
    • by transfer from another Priority Card user account.
  • ATM cash withdrawal

    With the Priority Card you can withdraw cash from any ATM which processes Master Cards, all over the world in local currency.

  • Account checking online or by mobile phone

    With Transact Online system you can easily manage all of your transactions, transfer funds, pay bills and convert currency. The system has an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to view all your Transact Pro cards and accounts on one page.

  • Main currency choice

    You can order a Priority card in any of the following currencies – EUR or USD

  • Card blocking

    To block your card you can use the card blocking function in the Transact Online system or contact Transact Pro’s Customer Support Service by phone (+371) 67-222-555. We serve our customers in Latvian, Russian and English languages.

Using Cases

In Everyday Life

  • Payments for goods and services

    Inese, 35 years, 2 children, housewife: "My duty is to take care of the household and children. My husband acquired Priority card for me. He reloads it each month. I use this card to pay for shopping, beauty salon and fitness visits. It’s so easy, because Master Card is accepted almost everywhere! All my monthly expenses are available in Transact Online system – so we are able to control our family budget".

  • Online purchases

    Vitaly, 22 years, student: "My granny can’t carry heavy things, and we decided to order all products for her online. However not always we have enough time for this, so we acquired Priority card for her and reload it regularly. Now she orders all goods by herself, paying with Priority card. We found the right way how to spare our time and continue to help our granny".

  • Family cards

    Margarita, 47 years: "My daughter went to study abroad. I and my husband regularly transfer her money for everyday expenses and for her study payments. For this we opened Priority card. We transfer her money in our local currency and she can withdraw cash at any Master Card ATM in the currency of her country – she doesn’t need to search currency exchange points or wait in banks’ queues".

  • Traveling and trips

    Kaspars and Vita, young couple: "We love traveling. We got Priority card, because it lets us to order flight tickets online, what we regularly do! Upon arrival to another county we withdraw cash at any MasterCard accepting ATM in local currency, saving on currency exchange. We also use this card to book a hotel or car rental services – it is very convenient".

In Business

  • Salaries

    Arcady, 60 years, real estate company vice-president: "There are around 150 employees in our company. Last year the aim was to optimize our internal service’s work, including accounting department. We obtained Priority payroll cards, and now Transact Pro specialists make all transactions - we just transfer the salary budget to a certain account".

  • Traveling expenses

    Irine, 30 years, distribution company manager: "Our company works with French partners, which annually organize meetings and different seminars for their distributors in Paris, so I often have to go to business-trips. For traveling expenses our company uses Priority card. I don’t need to collect bills, compile reports, exchange cash any more. My travel expenses’ report is always accessible in Transact Online system. This simplifies our accounting and reduces the quantity if internal transactions".

  • Office expenses

    Diana, 25 years, office administrator: "My duty is to buy household goods for our office, order office accessories, coffee and milk. Before this I used to ask my boss to pay me cash, showing him all bills. In the end there was a big mess with all those bills and cash payments. Then our company management ordered Priority card, to which they transfer some funds for monthly office expenses. Now I pay for everything with the card, and my boss is able to follow all monthly expenses in Transact Online system".

  • Representation expenses

    Juris, 45 years, private businessman: "I often need to meet my partners from abroad, lead business meetings in informal settings and go to business-trips. To simplify the work of my accountant, I opened Priority card and now I use only it. There is no further need to carry lot of cash in my wallet, no need to convert currency when I’m abroad, and all my expenses are in full confidentiality. The card can be quickly reloaded, even in cash".