Information for non-residents about fraud activity involving brand Priority Card.

Get Priority Card
in 5 minutes, costs as low as 15 EUR
How does Priority Card differ from other payment cards?
Priority Card

Bank cards
Necessary to open a bank account
Credit history verification
Order online and receive the card at the same day
Option to block the card online at any time and unblock it later
Currency choice: EUR, USD
Card issue charge 15 EUR * 9 - 16 EUR
Card maintenance charge (after 1st year) 15 EUR * 9 - 16 EUR
Cashpoint fee (Swedbank ATMs) 1%, min 1,00 EUR * 1,5-2%, min 2-2,5 EUR
Purchase fee for free * for free

* - MasterCard prepaid reloadable cards issued in Latvia to private individuals - residents of Latvia only, in EUR currency.